Lynch Calls for Cicilline to Reimburse Providence for 4th Joyride

Bill Lynch Calls On Cicilline to Reimburse City for 4th of July Joyride

Pawtucket, RI – Bill Lynch, Democratic candidate for Congress, today denounced David Cicilline's decision to exploit the city fireboat for personal use and characterized the episode as self-serving and dangerous.

The Providence Fire Department's boat had been situated off of India Point Park as a safety precaution in case there were complications with a fireworks barge in the area. However, the fireboat docked to pick up the mayor and his guest for a personal tour.

“I'm disturbed and disappointed in Cicilline's decision to use the city's fireboat for a personal joyride this past weekend,” stated Lynch. “Not only is this an abuse of taxpayer money, but it was a thoughtless decision that put the public at risk.  This is another example of how David's sense of entitlement takes precedence over the public interest.”

“The mayor's defense of this situation as being an ‘operational tour' doesn't even begin to pass the laugh test,” added Lynch.  “I think the taxpayers deserve to know who went along on this joyride?  It begs the question why civilians were allowed on a public safety vessel that was on duty for a specific reason.  While some municipalities cut-back on their firework budgets because of difficult economic times, the mayor seems to be ignoring Providence's $50-million deficit.”

Bill Lynch is demanding a full accounting of exactly how much this joyride cost the taxpayers of Providence and expects Cicilline to reimburse the city immediately.