MA author may crack Lizzie Borden murder mystery

By Liz Tufts

A Massachusetts math teacher says he’s cracked the murder mystery involving Lizzie Borden.

Borden was eventually acquitted of her parents’ murder, so the question is—who did it?

In a new book, one man says he uncovered the real murderer and has the evidence to prove it.

Meet the man behind the book, titled, “Cold Case to Case Closed.” Author Richard Little, a professor of mathematics at Massasoit Community College, began studying cold cases back in 2010. The Lizzie Borden case was one of those.

He looked at the still unsolved murder case of Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby, as a mathematical problem.

After pouring over police records, court papers, and witness testimony, he zeroed in on the three prime suspects: Lizzie Borden, the maid, and an uncle who stayed there named John Morse.

59-year-old Morse was the uncle of Lizzie and the brother of her birth mother. Morse told police he was visiting his sick relative down the road from the Borden house at the time of the double murder with the town’s doctor.

But that same doctor was at the Borden home looking over the bodies… Little says it’s a big hole in the alibi.

 “Unless Dr. Bowen has a twin…or the time is off,” says Little.

What could have been his motive? Little says Morse and Andrew Borden has a livestock business together which was falling apart.

Some don’t believe this new theory, but Little says the flaws in the alibi are right there.

“Some people aren’t happy that I have attempted to solve the crime,” Little says.

And the most interesting note, Morse was also a butcher, and Little believes he used his meat cleaver to kill the Bordens. After Lizzie was acquitted, Morse left Fall River and never returned. He died at the age of 79.

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