MA man shot bear to “save his puppies”

By News Staff

Twitter: @ABC6

EAST BROOKFIELD, Mass. (AP) – A Massachusetts man who shot a bear he felt was threatening several puppies in his yard has found himself the focus of attention after police posted a photo of the animal on Facebook, urging people not to handle wildlife intruders on their own.

East Brookfield police said on their Facebook page Tuesday the man encountered the 300–pound adult male black bear near where 10 young puppies were in a pen.  The man isn't facing charges, but the posting gathered a few hundred comments both criticizing and supporting him.

Nineteen–year–old Jacob Victor told reporters Wednesday he shot the bear because he and others weren't able to scare it away. He said he wounded it in the shoulder, then followed it into the woods and shot it again to be sure it was dead before calling police.

Photo Coutesy: Kristen Carosa