MA security expert speaks out of following Fort Lauderdale attack

Todd McGhee of Protecting the Homeland Innovations

By: Samantha Fenlon

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – In light of the violence in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, Massachusetts Security expert Todd McGhee spoke to ABC6 News.

McGhee spent ten years at Logan International Airport as the lead trainer for the Anti-Terrorism Unit, and is also a managing partner at Protecting the Homeland Innovations in Stoughton.

We asked McGhee what sercurity measures he thinks should be changed following the attack.  

"When we see these types of incidents unfold unfortunately we are only as smart as our last incident. This is potentially a loop hole in our security," said McGhee. "This is something that airport officials even beyond TSA. I think this is going to fall on airport operations, the airport law enforcement entity above and beyond TSA to really understand how to process this potential threat."

McGhee also commented on ways to prevent situations like this from happening in the future.

"There are laws that are in place, but now you start to look at we’ll do we need to tighten things up, and what are the protocols moving forward going to be. And, in this particular incident we also want to be concerned about copy cat incidents. In this particular case are there going to be new policies new procedures put in place where perhaps they are in a contained area, maybe the baggage processing is now revamped," said McGhee.

When asked about red flags at airports currently, McGhee said the following:

"Absolutely the biggest vulnerability and the Achilles heel airport environment is the curb to the counter and the curb into baggage claim."

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