MADD Hopes Prominent Arrests, Focus More on Teen Drinking Issues

by Mark Curtis

     The Governor's son Caleb in court as an underage teen who tried to buy alcohol. Weeks later, Caleb Chafee under scrutiny again, for a drinking party at his family's Exeter estate, that sent a teenage girl to the hospital. Alexander Whitehouse was also at that party…then the Senator's son was busted for drinking and driving this week. MADD says, it's time all family's have the teen age drinking discussion again:

     Gabrielle Abbate, of MADD Rhode Island Chapter said, “And they are reflecting on their own parenting  style and the rules and  consequences they give, then they are hopefully using it as an opportunity to bring it back up out there and go over the consequences.”

     The Whitehouse case is now over; the Chafee case is still under investigation

     ABC-6 Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Interestingly enough, the Rhode Island press has taken a fair amount of criticism for the amount of coverage its given these two young men, given their famous last names. But advocates say, in a roundabout way, the issue has actually brought more prominence to the problems of teen drinking and driving.”

     Back in late June, Gov. Lincoln Chafee, (I) Rhode Island said, “It's a private matter.”

     But, MADD says the Governor and Senator also need to speak out more, about the problems of teen drinking:

     Gabe Abbate of MADD said, “”Leadership is necessary. No doubt leadership is necessary at the state level and at the federal level. And yes they both have leadership seats, so we really hope they work through that.”

     MADD says its important teens with famous last names….face the same consequences as anyone else.