Mail not delivered on bumpy road

By Dana Griffin


SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI- For nearly three decades, Paul and Cecile Perreault, now in their 70’s, have walked to their mailbox on Community Drive. But, a large dip in the road has the U.S. Postal Service in South Kingstown refusing to deliver their mail.

Cecile Perreault lives on the street. She said, “We spoke to the supervisor and he said the mail carrier has the prerogative if it’s hazardous to the truck or himself, he doesn’t have to deliver the mail.”

This has been going on for a month now. Since it’s a private road, the residents are responsible for any repairs. They often use rocks and dirt for patch jobs, but say the task is just too overwhelming, and they want the state to help them out.

They’re also concerned about bike riders and emergency vehicles.

“So for anybody coming down this street on a bicycle, especially children, this is a big hazard,” said Paul Perreault.

There’s an adjacent street that also gives access to the mailboxes. The postal service is currently looking for other options.

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