Mall vendor brings holiday glee with a gift for cancer survivor

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE)- Tori Barish, a cancer survivor from Millville, Mass. is now going viral on Tik Tok, after receiving a gift from a stranger at the Emerald Mall in Attleboro.
After a four-month battle with stage two breast cancer, and losing her hair to chemotherapy treatment, she decided to go Christmas shopping at the Emerald Mall in Attleboro.
“I’m just walking around, and they have the kiosks on the first floor, and of course around the holidays these people are trying to sell their stuff,” said Barish. She continued, “I am side-eyeing them as I’m walking by, because I miss doing my hair.”
The kiosk vendor began to ask how Tori styles her hair. She took the hat off, and the man asked if she had cancer. After explaining that she beat cancer, the vendor pulled out a bright yellow hair straightener, gave it to Tori and said, “Here. I want you to have this when your hair grows back.”
Tori left with the straightener free of charge. Once she got into her car, she recapped the random act of kindness in her car over a Tik Tok. That post now has over 350,000 likes.
“It made me feel so good to know that somebody is nice enough to make sure that when I’m done with this, my hair grows back, that I feel great,” said Barish. She continued, “People are coming together and putting this out there because we want it out there that people are good.”
Tori Barish completed her last round of chemotherapy in early November, and looks forward to using her new straightener soon.
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