Man accused of threatening to kill former mayor Flanagan while holding scissors

By Sean Cahill

Police have charged a Fall River man with allegedly breaking into former Fall River Mayor William Flanagan’s car and threatening to kill him.

In a release, Fall River Police say they received a call a little before 4 p.m. on Saturday for a report of a break into a motor vehicle on Monroe Court. The caller said the suspect was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, holding a baseball bat and standing near a playground in the complex.

Police arrived and were able to apprehend Andrew Rak, last known address of 279 Grove Street, who was holding a small baseball bat after a brief struggle.

Police found three wallets along with other items that they say appear to have been taken during the course of the breaks.

Flanagan told police he was in his living room when he heard noises from outside. When he looked out the window, he saw the exterior and interior lights of his vehicle were on. When he went to check it out the suspect was in the vehicle. When confronted, the suspect allegedly got out and made a comment regarding Flanagan being Mayor.

Flanagan told police the suspect made more comments about him being Mayor and then said he was going to kill him. Flanagan said the suspect was holding a very large pair of scissors that were taken from his vehicle while making the comments.

Flanagan then went back into his home and called 911, telling the dispatcher that the suspect was now near the playground. He said the man was now holding the bat, smashing it on the ground and a fence while saying he was going to “Kill the Mayor”.

Rak was apprehended a short time later along with the scissors believed to have been used in the incident.

Flanagan was able to identify several items that were taken. Police were also able to connect item’s in Rak’s possession to at least 2 additional breaks.

Rak is charged with 2 counts of Assault W/Dangerous Weapon, 3 counts of B&E Motor Vehicle Day Time for Felony, 2 counts of Larceny Over $250.00 and resisting arrest.

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