Man admits to building pipe bomb, detonating it in fridge

By News Staff

The Associated Press

A Cranston man has admitted to building a pipe bomb and then detonating it inside a refrigerator.        

Vincent Fasano pleaded guilty Wednesday to manufacturing an explosive device.

Prosecutors say the 26-year-old Fasano manufactured the device in October 2015, placed it inside a refrigerator and left the appliance in a gravel pit in West Greenwich. Fasano told investigators he ignited the device and then drove away. The explosion destroyed the fridge.

Fasano admitted to purchasing materials for the device from a home improvement store in Warwick. He told investigators he had built and detonated other pipe bombs, causing significant damage to mailboxes, a portable latrine outside a pizza shop and a toilet.

Fasano has been free on bond since his arrest in November 2015.

He’s scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 23. 

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