Man arrested for cheating scheme at Twin River

Alana Cerrone

A Massachusetts man is arrested and charged for cheating on a blackjack table at Twin River Casino early Tuesday morning.

The Twin River Surveillance Unit observed 43-year-old Stephen Harley of Winchester, Massachusetts remove his bets on two separate occasions while playing blackjack at around 2:00 AM.

At that point, the Unit notified a detective with the State Police Gaming Enforcement Unit, who reviewed the surveillance video and arrested Harley.

Harley removed, or “pinched”, two wagers totaling $500. He was brought to the Third Division District Court and arraigned on the charge of Removing a Wager With Knowledge of the Outcome of a Table Game. Bail was set for $5,000 personal recognizance, and he is banned for life from the casino.

There have been multiple arrests since Twin River opened up its table games on June 19.