Man arrested for leaving infant son at home

By Sean Cahill

Twitter: @CahillSean33

Rhode Island State Police have arrested a man on Cruelty/Neglect of a Child charges after Troopers discovered a one-month-old infant left alone in a residence on Marietta Street in Providence.

At around 12:30 Wednesday morning, troopers stopped a motor vehicle on Charles Street in Providence.

Behind the wheel was Dean Thompson, 23, of Providence. A check revealed the Thompson had four active Superior Court Bench warrants and one active District Court Bench warrant.

Thompson was then taken into custody. Once at the station, Thompson informed troopers that before the stop, he was on his way to the convenience store and that he had left his infant son home alone at his Marietta Street apartment while he traveled to the store.

Troopers immediately responded and found a male, one and a half year old infant, unharmed and asleep in a car seat.

Thompson was arraigned today in Sixth District Court.

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