Man caught on camera throwing dog over Wareham bridge

By: Chloe Leshner


WAREHAM, Mass. (WLNE) — The Massachusetts SPCA is investigating after a man tossed his dog off of a bridge in Wareham.

The dog survived and is okay. There is surveillance video that shows the exact moments witnesses say a man followed through on what they assumed was a joke only to be horrified watching him toss his dog 12 feet off the bridge.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

"He threw him and we just saw the dog flipping," says Griffin Gasdia.

Surveillance cameras capturing the moment a man threw his dog over the side of Stonebridge in Wareham and then jumped in after him.

"I’m very surprised to hear that anyone would do such a cruel thing to a dog, it makes me want to cry," says Linda Riley of Wareham.

It was a regular Saturday night on the water at the Stonebridge Marina for several families until a man showed up and asked an odd question,"do you want to see me throw my dog off the bridge?"

"We thought he was joking and then he was like no man, I’m actually going to do this and I said that’s not safe for the dog and he said no it’s fine he likes the water," says Gasdia.

Fortunately the dog landed on his back, swam to shore and walked inside the Stonebridge Bar and Grill.

"With everything going on on a Saturday night, I thought this is just more craziness," says Justin Hadley, the owner of the restaurant.

Hadley says people jump off the bridge all the time but something like this has never happened before.  Witnesses immediately called the cops and when they showed up they told him to leave.

"The dog did seem to follow his owner even after the incident so it was kind of, you wish he had a better owner," says Hadley.

Now the Department of Natural Resources and Massachusetts SPCA are investigating.

"His tail was underneath his legs and he was just like not as happy as he had been before," says Gasdia.

The man has been identified but it’s not clear what, if any legal trouble he may be in.

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