Man charged for shooting dog in its head before abandoning in the woods

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Alan Jesse Dwyer, of Rumford, has been charged and arraigned for allegedly shooting and abandoning a dog in the woods in December.

According to East Providence Animal Control Officer William Muggle, a hiker found the crying injured dog unable to move near the water on the Turner Reservoir Loop. East Providence officers transported the dog to an emergency vet clinic where it was confirmed the dog sustained a gunshot wound to her head.

An unregistered microchip led police to the Dwyer, the owner of the beagle.

Dwyer was arrested on December 3 for a simple domestic assault charge as well, resulting in the seizure of his firearms.

On December 17, a warrant was issued for Dwyer on the following felony charges:

  • Overwork, mistreatment, or failure to feed animals-death resulting
  • Unnecessary cruelty- death resulting
  • Malicious injury to or killing of animals
  • Abandonment of animals- death resulting

Dwyer was also charged with a misdemeanor for abandonment of infirm animals.

He is due back in court in April.


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