Man Charged with Attempted Rape, Kidnapping in Acushnet Assault

A female bartender at an Acushnet establishment was able to escape a violent assault early Friday morning, leading to a suspect's arrest. ABC6 has more from Acushnet Police…


Acushnet Police Detectives arrested a 41-year-old male early Friday morning at St. Lukes Hospital. Former Acushnet resident, Paul Silva is charged with Assault with intent to rape, Armed kidnapping with sexual assault (pool stick), Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (feet) Simple Assault and Battery and Threats to commit murder.

Silva is currently being held at the Dartmouth House of Correction and is awaiting a dangerousness hearing at Third District Court on July 16.

The charges stem from a incident which took place at a local bar where a female bartender was assaulted. According to the victim, she was about to close up early Thursday night around 10pm when Silva came into the establishment.

He talked the bartender into having a drink while she was cleaning up for the night. As the victim retrieved a broom from the back room, she was attacked by Silva. The victim was told to remove her clothes and when she refused, that is when the victim was choked, punched, kicked and eventually hit with a pool stick, breaking it in half.

Silva then ripped the clothing off the female and told her he was going to rape her and then kill her.

The victim was able to escape the establishment and run to a neighbor's house while Silva went back to the bar to retrieve his drink. Officers on scene were able to give out a BOLO (be on the lookout) to the area local cities and towns.

Approximately an hour later, New Bedford Police Officer Louis Cabral was investigating an accident which took place on Sassaquin Ave, New Bedford and the operator Paul Silva matched the description in the BOLO.

While both the victim and Silva now at the hospital, the victim was able to identify Silva as her assailant in a photo lineup. Silva was treated for minor injuries and released to the custody of Detective James D. Costa and Detective Sgt. Thomas Carreau. The victim was treated for bumps, bruises and abrasions where she was also released.

Acushnet Detective's were able to place Silva at another local bar room where he also ordered a drink and was only there for a few minutes prior to the attack of the female victim, however, this bar room had too many customers.