Man charged with murder after death of infant

Dee DeQuattro

A man accused of murdering his girlfriend's 9-month old baby girl appeared in New Bedford District court with tears in his eyes to be arraigned on murder charges.

One month ago 23-year-old Ethan Harrison of New Bedford was charged with reckless endangerment of a child, assault, and battery after baby Ariel Eluziario died after being hospitalized for broken bones, abrasions, and several other serious injuries.

Eluzairio was left in the care of Harrison before she was transported to the hospital with a blood clot on her brain and hemorages behind both eyes.

According to police, Harrison admitted that when the infant became fussy he slapped her in the face, dropped her on the floor, then on the bed, and then on the floor again.

After an autopsy and further investigation charges against Harrison were upgraded to murder. Harrison has been ordered held without bail.

Harrison was Eluziario's mother's live-in boyfriend but not the father of the infant.