Man charged with threatening professor to remain in custody

By The Associated Press


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Rhode Island man charged with sending threatening emails to a college professor in Massachusetts has waived his right to a hearing and will continue to be detained.

Matthew Haviland, of North Kingstown, is charged with cyberstalking and transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. He waived his right to a detention hearing Monday in federal court in Boston.

His attorney, Scott Lauer, told the judge the case raises some concerns about the 30-year-old Haviland’s mental health, according to The Providence Journal.   

Prosecutors didn’t disclose the professor’s name or the college at which they work, but said Haviland sent approximately 28 emails on March 10 apparently because of the professor’s pro-abortion rights views.

They say Haviland also sent 12 threatening emails to a professional school at the professor’s university.

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