Man Claims He was Fired Over Tattoos

A former employee of Walgreens claims the company is taking the slogan “the customer is always right,” too far, after he claims he was fired because of his tattoos.

Nate Hardicy has been protesting in front of the Walgreens on Airport Rd. in Warwick, since he was fired last Monday. Hardicy tells ABC6 News that he was given an ultimatum to cover up his tattoos, or else he would be fired.

Hardicy tells ABC6 News that when he refused to cover up his tattoos, the same tattoos he says he had when he was hired two and a half years ago, Walgreens fired him.

ABC6 News reached out to Walgreens' corporate office seeking a response, but the company refused to discuss the issue, stating only that “it is the corporate policy [of Walgreens], as it is with many other businesses, to not discuss the termination of an employee.”

When asked if Walgreens had any statement regarding the protesting of their store by Hardicy, Walgreens' corporate office had no comment.