Man finds large object on Newport beach that resembles tooth

By Alana Cerrone


Jason Michalski was walking near Van Zandt Pier Sunday night when something on the shore caught his eye.

"We saw this white thing on the sand…"

To his surprise, it was a huge, flesh-covered object that looked like a tooth.

"It kinda looked like a shark tooth!"

Despite its pungent smell, Michalski kept it, in search of answers. We brought it to the experts at DEM’s Marine Fisheries to found out exactly what it is.

We eagerly awaited the verdict…only to find out, it isn’t a tooth.

Turns out, it’s likely a bone from a swordfish or tuna. But it’s a BIG fish – at least 100 pounds.

And even though it doesn’t belong to a shark, finding shark teeth or even fins on Rhode Island shores isn’t a stretch.

"There are sharks in the coastal waters in Rhode Island. The population of great white sharks appears to be increasing due to a food source over in Cape Cod. They’re not all that uncommon."

Ultimately, the folks at DEM say they welcome visits like this to help them do their job  of managing what lives in our waters.

"We’re overjoyed when people bring us things that they find."

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