Man sentenced in drunk driving crash that left two dead

Dee DeQuattro

It was an emotional scene in court when 21-year-old Nicholas Whitely of North Kingstown was sentenced for a drunk driving accident that left his two passengers dead.

Whitely was sentenced to 10 years, 6 to serve, 3 at the ACI and 3 on home confinement.

On Feb. 19 2012, Whitely was traveling with 18-year-old Madeline Healey, 19-year-old Michael Ruggerri, and Christopher Mortin when he lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle struck two boulders on the side of Shippeetown Road, became airborne before striking a telephone pole.

Healey and Ruggerri were pronounced dead on the scene and Mortin needed to be extracted from the vehicle. Whitely was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Police say Whitely was attempting to pass the vehicle driven by his friend, Patrick Gronhagen, 21. Gronhagen is charged with four counts of driving to endanger.

Healy's father told the court that he feels that Whitely has shown no remorse since the accident that has left his daughter dead. “It is sad to say that I believe Nick has proven to me that he feels little remorse of his actions that morning. During the past year, Nick has been partying on Facebook and pictures say he is having a good old time for himself.