Man wanted in armed carjacking

By Dana Griffin


NEW BEDFORD, MA- A woman escapes an armed carjacker in New Bedford and police say she may know the man who got away with her purse.

The woman was walking to her car located in a restaurant parking lot on County Street in New Bedford around 6:00 Tuesday night.

“He made a comment to her. ‘Hey, do you remember me?' And when she looked at him, she thought maybe she had known him from high school,” said Det. Capt. Steven Vicente.

The suspect pointed a sharp object at her, possibly a screw driver or knife and told her to drive.

Vicente said, “They probably drove about 4 or 5 blocks, taking a couple of side streets. He was directing her on where to drive and at one point told her to pull over. He demanded her pocketbook; at that point she jumped out of her car.”

The woman jumped out of her car near Sycamore and County Streets where she flagged down a passing car and then called police.

The suspect later dumped her car on the side of the road, just two blocks from where he first took her.

Elmira Flores lives in New Bedford. She said, “That's crazy. I mean I don't know what I would do in that situation. I would try to get away but, that's nuts.”

Tamara Nelson often walks to school in this area. She's concerned now about her surroundings.

“I am shocked cause it's just so close to where I walk right over there so I don't think I'll be taking this route anymore,” said Nelson.

This is the 2nd New Bedford car jacking this year. Although an isolated incident, police advise people to pay attention to their surroundings, especially during the holidays.

“I'm not saying it would have helped in this case, because it was kind of quick, but it's always very important to just take a look around and see who's around you,” said Vicente.

Police are also looking at surveillance video to help solve this case.

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