Man whose relatives died mysteriously to represent himself

Nathan Carman

By: The Associated Press


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CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A man suspected in the 2013 slaying of his millionaire grandfather plans to represent himself in his family’s attempt to bar him from receiving an inheritance.              

Nathan Carman’s maternal grandfather, 87-year-old real estate developer John Chakalos, was found fatally shot at his Connecticut home.

Carman, of Vernon, Vermont, was a suspect. No one’s been arrested.              

Last year, Carman survived a fishing trip near Rhode Island after the boat carrying him and his mother, Linda Carman, sank. She’s presumed dead.              

Her three sisters have sued in New Hampshire, accusing him of killing his grandfather and possibly his mother. They asked a judge to block Carman from collecting money from the estate. Chakalos left more than $42 million to his daughters.             

Carman, who recently notified a probate court that he’ll represent himself, has denied any involvement in Chakaklos’ death; he said he didn’t sabotage the boat.

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