Mansfield landmark snatched from yard

Flamingo snatchers are frustrating a family in Mansfield. Their plastic flamingo display has become an institution in town. But somebody is ruining the fun, and now the tiny pink lawn ornaments may be put away for good.

It started as a joke for his wife. Now, retired Arthur O'Neil spends most of his time dressing this flock of flamingos up for every occasion.

“I just enjoy it. And the people come by have a huge smile on their faces, and that's all that counts,” said Arthur.

He has a whole room devoted to their clothes, which he's gathered over his four years doing this. The flock has become a town institution.

“I mean most of my friends know them,” said neighbor Chad Frazier, “Everybody I know, knows them. I don't know everyone in Mansfield, but everyone seems to know the whereabouts of them.”

A local restaurant even uses the flamingos as a landmark for delivery. In recent weeks, thieves have noticed them too, snatching armfuls of flamingos out of Arthur's yard.

He came out here to find all but two of his birds taken, yanked out of the ground and nowhere to be found, which has Arthur's wife frustrated.

“It hurt me because he was so upset when he saw them, he said I'm not going to get anymore,” said Sandi O'Neil.

Arthur eventually changed his mind and bought some new, pink, plastic friends just in time for a big weekend in town, Mansfield High School's graduation.

“The neighbors, if they graduate, they'll take pictures with the flamingos and have a lot of fun with them,” said Arthur.

Arthur hopes the flamingo snatchers will change their minds and bring the flock back, no questions asked.