Many Complaints About Providence Snow Plowing

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Charles Perry is trying to dig out in front of his Orms Street home in Providence.
While many main roads are good, side streets and sidewalks remain a mess, and he’s running out of places to put the snow.
“I’m about six foot, and it’s like right next to me; it’s about up to my neck so, it’s pretty close to six foot right there,” Perry said.

Drivers tell us the side roads are a disaster, and show plows are making their lives worse, not better. 
“I clean my sidewalk and I did it a few times. And then the put it right back on. The plows just come and shove it right where you took it away from,” said Providence resident Marie King.

City hall is getting lots of complaints. 
“We do the best we can, but there is a conflict, when you ask us to plow to the curb, but then ask us top not put snow on one’s sidewalk. It’s hard to do both,” said Chief Operating Officer for Providence, Brett Smiley.

The city is relying on its crews, plus residents and business owners.  
ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “And with a couple of more storms possible in the long range forecast, the city will have to start thinking about what it do with that snow, on top of all of this.”

For now, many struggle with where to put their garbage bins while others struggle to get work and school. 
“The sidewalks aren’t shoveled and I have to walk on the roads, just to get up the hill down there. And there’s slush, there is ice, and it’s kind of dangerous,” said Sinzia Reese, a Johnson and Wales University student.

“We are doing the best we can, but we recognize there is work left to be done,” said City Hall’s Brett Smiley.

While City Hall battles the storm of complaints, the shoveling continues as people try to stay ahead of the next winter storm.