Many travelers hitting the road instead of flying this holiday

By Bianca Buono

The busiest time of year to travel started Wednesday and it continues until the day after Christmas. More than 100 million people are traveling across the globe and just hours before Christmas, T.F. Green is empty.

"This is pretty good, actually, considering it’s Christmas that it’s not crowded," said traveler, Jonathan Will.

"We just walked in and there seems to be nobody here, so I guess we’ll be hanging around for a while waiting," said another, Maureen Mason.

According to AAA, that’s because many of those travelers are hitting the road instead.

"Traveling by car even when gas is more expensive, when you put your family in your car and you go traveling, it’s still an inexpensive way to get around," said John Paul of AAA Northeast.

Now, gas isn’t more expensive. In fact, at an average of $2.05 a gallon, gas prices in Rhode Island are the lowest they’ve been in six years.

"With these low prices we’ve been seeing, it puts about three percent more disposable income into people’s pockets, so these low gas prices have translated into, in a lot of cases, like a three percent raise for people," says AAA.

For those that are planning on driving, AAA is offering a piece of advice.

"You may encounter some heavy traffic, you may encounter people either coming or going. They’re not completely sure where they’re going, so bring an extra amount of patience."

Airport officials tell ABC6 that Wednesday was much busier than Christmas Eve on Thursday. The bust travel period is expected to slow down the day after Christmas until New Years.

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