Marathon Bombing Surgeon Returns To Mount Roots

By Matt Blanchette

twitter @mattblanchette


A local hero returns home to where it all began. Dr. David King spoke to students at Mt. Saint Charles High School Friday morning, the same high school he attended 20 years ago.

King, a tramua surgeon at Mass General, operated on Boston Marathon bombingvictims, just hours after finishing the race himself.

A former Army combat surgeon., King wanted to share withstudents that insipration can come from any source at any time.

“I thought it would just be a great opportunity to tell astory about how tragedy turns into inspiration and to give back  a little bit,” King said.

“It was so amazing. I was sitting in my seat and I was justlike gasping, oh my gosh, I can't believe it,” senior Sarah Kennedy said.

Added junior Ethan Guevremont, “It was cool to see how he takes everything he does like anormal person. ZHe does not relish in the glory.”

King says he is planning to run the Boston Marathon again next month, and thinks it will be an inspiring event.