Mask and glove litter becoming a problem

ATTLEBORO, Mass (WLNE) — All of the gloves and masks people are wearing in public due to COVID-19, are starting to create a new problem across the region: extra litter.

Used gloves and masks can be found in parking lots and shopping carts across Southern New England.

In Brockton, city councilors are trying to pass an ordinance, that would create a $100 fine for anyone caught leaving gloves or masks behind.

Attleboro mayor Paul Heroux, says the problem has gotten so bad, that he has started taking photos of used masks and glove and posting them on his Facebook page, begging residents to clean up after themselves.

“It’s a big issue,” said Heroux. “It’s possibly exposing someone else to this virus.”

“We hope that people stop doing this and start acting more responsibly,” he added.

Heroux says his city’s police officers are allowed to ticket anyone they see littering.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management suggests people dispose of used masks and gloves at home. Then, tie the trash bag shut to avoid the possibility of transmission.

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