Masking extended to mid-March in Fall River Schools

FALL RIVER, MASS. (WLNE) — Masks will stay a little bit longer in Fall River.

The school committee voted Monday night to extend masks until March 14th, despite the statewide mandate lifting on February 28th.

Committee members made the decision unanimously, citing concerns of another COVID-19 spike following winter break.

ABC 6 News spoke to students at Spencer Borden Elementary school who said they’re just happy an end is in sight.

“I’m just really excited to not have to wear a mask anymore,” 4th grader Alexis Cabral said. “I’m really happy about that. It’s been a while since we were not mandated to wear masks, which honestly is going to be really good.”

“You have to wear the masks for like six hours,” 5th grader Chelsea Souza said. “You have to like learn and wear it at tests and stuff.”

It’s a similar call to extend masking at Diman Regional Vocational High School in Fall River. Once it is lifted, officials said in a letter to families in part, “It will be critical to ensure anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask after March 14th do so without harassment or judgement.”

The Diocese of Fall River Catholic Schools took a different route and is no longer requiring masks once the mandate is lifted.

Regardless of the decision, there are still concerns from some in the community about when the time is right.

“I certainly believe in the extension. Any protection we can lend to the community through the children is essential,” Deborah Avant, a Fall River parent said. “We’re getting out of the deep and dreary high numbers and we need some preservation for longer term.”

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