Masks stolen meant for local healthcare workers

TAUNTON, M.A. (WLNE) – Masks that were made for local healthcare workers were stolen from a pickup box in Taunton. Now the woman who made them, wants them back.

Mary-Beth Flannery-Veseskis and her friend Jennifer have made more than 1,500 masks for the community, for free.

Mary-Beth leaves the masks in a pickup box outside of her home. Some people even leave cash donations in return.

But on Sunday night, someone stole close to 200 of the masks and $300 dollars in cash.

Mary-Beth was planning on  donating that money to the Matthew Mission, a non-profit that helps the homeless.

“If you had come to me I would have made you the masks, I’m doing them for free I just don’t understand people that would steal when it’s free and number two, steal from the homeless, I don’t get that. And if she needed it I would have helped her.” Said, Mary-Beth.

Neighbors of Mary-Beth spotted a woman taking the items. She says she does not want to go to the police, she just wants the masks and the money back.

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