Mass. water main break affects Boston, suburbs

BOSTON (AP) – Water to 2 million people in Boston and more than
two dozen suburbs is temporarily unsuitable for drinking after a
break in a pipe that connects a central Massachusetts reservoir to
the area.

State officials say the break in the 10-foot diameter pipe in
the suburb of Weston is leaking water into the Charles River at a
rate of 8 million gallons per hour. The pipe connects to the
Quabbin Reservoir.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has activated
emergency water supplies from various reservoirs for bathing,
flushing and fire protection. But that water isn't suitable for
drinking, so a boil-water order has been imposed in 30 communities
east of Weston.

Authority engineers are on the scene of the break. Gov. Deval
Patrick says it's too soon to know when the break might be