Mass. welcomes all with new Pride tourism campaign

BOSTON (WLNE) — Massachusetts is promoting tourism and inclusivity with a new marketing campaign. Digital Pride-inspired billboards have been put up across New England, and in states like Florida, Texas, and New York.

The billboards are in an effort to promote inclusivity in the state, no matter your sexual identity.

“Massachusetts is a place where they will be safe, respected, and valued,” Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll said.

“We invest in our inclusive nature through our marketing and tourism efforts as well, especially in a time where so many places are turning back the clock and there’s a lot of divisiveness, that’s not happening here,” she continued.

Driscoll said showing that Massachusetts is an accepting destination, is a “business-maker.”

“I think this effort distinguishes us from many other parts of the country that aren’t standing up for reproductive freedoms, aren’t protecting LGBTQ+ rights — we’re proud of who we are, we think this is part of our values,” said Driscoll.

Given the current climate surrounding LGBTQ+ rights in states like Florida and Texas, Driscoll said the billboards let people know that Massachusetts is a place they can turn to.

“We want residents in other parts of the country to know that they can go to college here, you can raise your family here, and know that you’re going to be protected and safe,” said Driscoll.

Driscoll said most of the money the state makes from tourism, comes from out-of-state visitors and this campaign is just one step to bring in more people in.

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