Massachusetts celebrates tax-free weekend

By Kirsten Glavin


"It's busy, it looks like they're getting some good sales,” said a customer entering a shop at Patriots Plaza in Foxborough.

Shoppers flooded Massachusetts stores on Saturday… looking for the best deals, tax–free.

"Lot of people shopping and stuff. And the prices, they're good,” remarked one shopper.

The tax-free holiday allows shoppers to pocket the 6.25% they would normally pay to sales tax, so long as the item is less than $2,500.  And for many, there were plenty of deals within that price range.

"I got a four wheeler for my granddaughter, and a shirt for her and a shirt for me,” said one customer.  "In every section there was someone picking up something,” added another.  "It was pretty crowded but the lines weren't too bad. We got in and out of there pretty quickly,” said a father and son.

It's a win–win for customers and businesses.  Mirror Boutique in North Attleboro is just one store that saw an increase in customers.
The business used social media to draw people in, and offered sale prices.

"It's been good,” said Nicole Hauer, a sales associate at the boutique. “There have been extra customers that have been coming in for jewelry because it was advertized on Facebook for tax–free weekend."

The economic stimulus has proven to be effective during the past few years.  According to the State Department of Revenue, consumers saved more than $24 million dollars last year.