Massachusetts firefighters head to Florida to assist after Hurricane Ian

NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. (WLNE) — Multiple firefighters from Massachusetts packed up in an hours-notice and headed towards the disaster that was caused by Hurricane Ian last Friday.

In the aftermath of hurricane Ian, local firefighters from Massachusetts are now on the ground in Florida helping with the search and rescue operations there.
“They go up to Beverly where our cache is and they assemble, and they get their marching orders form that location and then they were on the road within a couple hours of their activation,” Chris Coleman, North Attleborough Fire Chief said.
North Attleborough Fire Lieutenant, Scott McGuire, is in Florida right now serving as a Technical Information Specialist, a position that helps in the GPS navigation and mapping of the search and rescue.
“We are very proud of him obviously, this department has three members, Lieutenant McGuire, firefighter John Copper, who could not go to this deployment, he’s a communication specialist, and myself as a medical specialist for the team so this department is very lucky to have three members on such an elite team,” Chief Coleman added.
Other firefighters from Massachusetts, including one from Foxborough, Cory Shepardson, were also deployed in a team of 45.
Chief Coleman said, “this is what we train for, we train monthly, we go to exercises yearly, this is what we do, we take pride in this, to help out other people that are in need”.

We’re told these local crews will be in Florida for the next few weeks.
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