Massachusetts goats help recycle Christmas trees

HANSON, Mass. (WLNE) – With the holidays in the rearview mirror, many families have thrown their Christmas trees to the curb.  One local farm in Massachusetts is helping recycle old Christmas Trees by feeding them to their goats.

“It’s like candy, they absolutely love it,” said Christanie Channell of Channell Homestead Family Farm in Hanson.

The Channell’s have had over 100 Christmas trees dropped off this week, and their Nigerian Dwarf Goats love them.

“It gives them health benefits as well,” Channell explained. “It’s good for their digestive systems and has different vitamins.”

The family first discovered their goats liked pine trees a few Christmases ago, when they threw their own tree in the goat pen.  Since then, the donations have steadily grown and on Sunday over 40 Christmas trees were dropped off at their farm.

“My niece actually told me about this, she lives in the town. I went on Facebook and found the details about it and I just thought it was a great way to recycle it and give a little something back. I’m an animal lover of all kinds and shapes” said Chris Ryan.

The farm said they have received over one hundred Christmas trees in just this year alone.  The farm told ABC6 that when the goats get sick of the trees, they find other uses.

“The chickens actually eat the needles as well, so we’ll give them some trees.  Whatever they don’t eat, we compost or wood chip them to create bedding for the animals too in their pens. So, we don’t let anything go to waste” said Channell.

If you have a Christmas tree that you would like to recycle, the Channell’s say you can drop it off in front of their homestead at any time.

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