Massachusetts high schools must be full in-person by May 17

All Massachusetts high schools must return to in-person learning by May 17.

State education officials made that announcement on Tuesday.

Right now, about 150 districts have all their students back for full in-person learning.

Nearly two thirds of districts planned to have all students back for full in-person learning by May 17.

For those school districts that don’t make that May 17 deadline, the state says they’ll have to make up any missed in-person learning during the summer.

“We believe it’s critical to get all of our kids back with their teachers and their peers to learn and socialize and to have a chance in this very long and difficult year to be a kid,” Gov. Charlie Baker said.

Elementary schools resumed in-person classes statewide on April 5.

Middle schools are expected to reopen full time this week.

The state’s pool testing program has revealed positives tests rates at or below one percent, the Republican said at a Statehouse press conference.

Pool testing allows schools to test students, staff and teachers in batches — and only return to test individually if a batch reveals a positive result.

“There’s little to virtually no evidence of in-school transmission of COVID,” Baker said. “Thanks to the testing, vaccines and everyone’s work to get COVID in check, Massachusetts high school students will be returning to in-person learning on May 17.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.  

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