Massachusetts Joint Committee on Education holds hearing on future of MCAS

BOSTON, Mass. (WLNE)-The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Education heard testimony from teachers, students and families on the future of MCAS testing Monday.

Students currently have to pass the test to graduate.

The committee is considering abolishing the testing all together, or at least finding other alternatives to allow Massachusetts students to graduate if they struggle with standardized tests.

“I know it’s changed slightly, but it’s a three hour test Monday, a three hour test Tuesday, and a two hour test Wednesday,” said Rep. James Hawkins (D-District 2, Bristol). “I didn’t have to do this to get my MBA and we’re doing this to 15-year-olds.”

The bill debated on Monday would allow local districts to set goals with their students, and decide what’s best for them once the results are in.

When asked about the proposal, the state Department of Education only said the MCAS gives them important information about how the pandemic impacted learning. The Department said the test can help districts decide the best way to spend federal and state money.

The Massachusetts Teachers’ Association has expressed its support for the bill.


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