Massachusetts man claims to have “almost” caught a great white shark

A Massachusetts man nearly caught a great white shark at a local beach and he says it’s no fish tale.

It started off as an average day on Nauset beach for Matt Pieciak surrounded by friends and family, drinking some beers, playing some corn hole, and take a chance at catching some fish.

But mid-game he spotted something and asked his cousin to hold his beer before realizing he’d hooked a Great White Shark.

“Right when the line went tight you could see a big gray shadow and we all immediately knew it was probably a great white,” Pieciak said. “He or she broke off pretty quickly and that was it, disappeared into the depths of the ocean I guess.”

He believes the shark went after a bigger fish that was on his bait.

While Pieciak says it was a Great White, it’s not known for sure.

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