Massachusetts man has special plans to honor 9/11 victims for 20th anniversary

A Massachusetts man is announcing special plans to honor the victims of 9/11 as the 20th anniversary approaches.

Paulie Veneto, a former flight attendant, says he worked side by side with some of the victims who died on the hijacked planes.

This year he wanted to do something special to honor them and help their families through this difficult.

So he’s pushing a flight attendant beverage cart all the way from Logan Airport to Ground Zero.

“I could walk to New York,” Veneto said. “I could run to New York. I could do things everybody else does, but i’m going to do something flight attendant do. I’m doing it to get them recognized for their heroics. That’s it. No other reason, because they were heroes that morning.”

He’ll start his journey on August 21.

He plans to get to New York on September 11th.

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