Massachusetts museum takes you ‘back’ in time

HUBBARDSTON, Mass. (WLNE) — Two men have created quite the collection of movie memorabilia.

Bill Shea and his son Patrick have transformed one of their barns in Hubbardston into a museum honoring the classic “Back to the Future” films.

“Probably the marquee of our collection is our Delorean time machines,” Bill told ABC 6 News.

The Sheas own two of the seven Delorean vehicles seen in the films, and that’s not all they have.

“So, probably the second most recognizable item from the entire movie series is the brain wave analyzer,” Bill said.

They also own one of the iconic clock tower panthers seen in the first film, and one of the coolest experiences is the recreation of the opening scene to “Back to the Future!”

“So, this is like our latest exhibit, which we’ve probably put the most time and effort into,” said Bill.

The Sheas are currently giving tours, with proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. They’ve already donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the foundation.

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