Massachusetts Nine Year Old Gets Summoned To Jury Duty

Lots of people try to come up with an excuse to get out of jury duty, but one kid on the Cape didn't have to stretch the truth. He's only nine years old.

He didn't even know what jury duty was, which why should he? He's still learning basic math and how to spell, but he got a letter in the mail saying he better show up for jury duty next month.

Jacob Clark likes math and playing with his friends. He watches cartoons, not Court T.V., so when he got home from elementary school to find out he got called for jury duty he didn't know what to think.

“I was thinking what's jury duty and why do I have to do it,” said Jacob.

When his grandma pulled the letter out of their Yarmouth, Massachusetts mail box she couldn't believe it.

“I said you got jury duty and he goes what's that,” said grandma Debbie Clark, “He was nervous. I said that's when you go into court and he said oh no.”

The jury commission said the letter was a slip-up. Someone typed 1982 in Jacob's birth year instead of 2002.

“This is the second time, so when are they going to fix it?” asked Clark, “Is he going to get another one? We have no clue.”

Jacob got a similar letter in the mail when he was just two years old. He doesn't really remember that, but he knows this time getting the summons was scary.

“I thought I was in big, big trouble because it involves court,” said Jacob.

But his grandma said it's been a learning experience, and it's kind of funny.

“I said it's a day off from school and he goes no, but maybe when I'm 18.”

Jacob's story has made national news. He'll be whisked to Boston in a limo where he'll be interviewed for a network news show.