Massachusetts ready to vaccinate kids 12-15 if CDC approves

BOSTON, Mass. (WLNE) — Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts is prepared to administer COVID-19 vaccines to children age 12-15.

On Monday, the FDA authorized Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in kids older than 12. 

A CDC committee is expected to review the vaccines use in kids of that age group on Wednesday. 

If approved by the CDC, kids over 12 in Massachusetts can start receiving shots as soon as Thursday.

The governor says the state is prepared to vaccinate kids in a number of different ways, including pop-up clinics and mobile clinics. He said he expects these types of clinics to be located at places like supermarket parking lots and even some schools.

Fewer cases of the virus have been reported in children compared to adults but doctors say kids can still get and transmit the virus.

“Typically, kids are not getting the virus as bad as adults have been,” said Dr. Katie Collins, a pediatrician with South Coast Health. 

“But we’ve seen some secondary effects,” the doctor explained. “Some multi-system inflammatory responses and things like that, that we’d like to curtail and avoid.”

The state’s COVID-19 Command Center says its awaiting further guidance from the federal government but is actively planning to vaccinate kids age 12-15 as early as later this week. 

Kids age 12-15 can already pre-register for their shots using the state’s online portal.

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