Massachusetts State Police offering $10,000 cash for info on ‘Bad Breath Rapist’

BOSTON (WLNE) — Massachusetts State Police announced Wednesday they’re offering a reward for information as their search for a rapist and kidnapper dubbed the “Bad Breath Rapist” continues.

According to state police, they’re offering $10,000 cash for information about 54-year-old Tuen Kit Lee, who was convicted on charges rape and kidnapping after he fled his trial in 2007.

Court documents state that Lee raped a waitress who worked for his family’s restaurant, “Kagawa,” in Quincy after breaking into her home in February of 2005.

Officials said Lee, who was masked, held the victim at knife-point, zip-tied her to a bed and sexually assaulted her. Lee left the victim there for hours afterwards until she was found by her boyfriend.

Among the evidence that Lee was the assailant was his foul breath which the victim recognized, leading to him being dubbed the “Bad Breath Rapist.”

Massachusetts State Police shared these photos of Tuen Kit Lee.

After his arrest, he posted $100,000 cash bail and was not in custody pending the trial. After testifying at a trial in 2007, Lee did not return to court for closing arguments.

He was facing a life sentence if convicted.

Anyone with information about Lee or his whereabouts is urged to contact Massachusetts State Police or the United States Marshals Service at 1-833-677-3171 or at

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