Massachusetts teen interviews former first lady Michelle Obama

A Massachusetts teen is an inspiring journalist and at just 14 landed an interview that would be a crown jewel on the resume of veteran reporters: Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

She is just one of the high-profile people Southborough’s Shayna Rose has interviewed.

Rose has interviewed politicians, celebrities, and even athletes like Gronk.

The former First Lady posted part of the interview with Rose on her Instagram.

The two bonded over knitting and that’s how the interview came about.

“I loved how what she said – it kind of had like a double meaning, because everything in knitting really applies to life, too, what she was saying, about how when you do a stitch you need to be patient with it, and learning to fix your mistakes, and it’s OK to make mistakes,” Rose said.

Rose says she showed Obama a halter top she knitted saying she donates many of the things she creates,

She also shared her passion in the form of a new how-to knit book coming out in November which is when the full interview will be posted.



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