Massage therapist charged with indecent assault and battery

By News Staff


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SWANSEA, Mass. (WLNE) – A massage therapist was arrested for inappropriately touching two of his clients on Tuesday after an investigation into one possible assault led Swansea Police to another victim.

Frank Ferdinand Jr., 59, of Onset, was arrested Tuesday following an investigation into reports that he inappropriately touched one customer during a massage, but he told police the other victim that came forward was all part of a misunderstanding.

Court documents reveal that Ferdinand had been working with the client for a couple of years, but last month one session got out of control, as Ferdinand groped her while she lay frozen with fear. 

Ferdinand admitted to police that he groped the woman. When detectives asked why he only said “she was just laying there.”

During the course of the investigation, Swansea Police learned of a second victim who also reported being assaulted by Ferdinand during a massage.

This victim came to light after Ferdinand was called in for questioning for that first victim. Before the interview even began, Ferdinand blurted out to detectives that he thought he was being questioned about a second victim.

Ferdinand operated out of a rented space at Harmony Day Spa on Wilbur Avenue, but police say he is not employed by the spa. Court documents show that Ferdinand works after hours and on weekends, so he is not there when the advertised spa operates.

During the two alleged assaults, nobody else was in the building aside from Ferdinand and the victim, according to court records.

The women told police that they had nearly identical encounters. One of the victims said she was haunted by his breathing telling detectives “it was like pervert breathing.”

Prosecutors noted that the two women do not know each other and they believe there could be other victims that come forward.

A judge ordered Ferdinand to surrender his massage licenses out of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

He was released on $1,000 personal recognizance.

Police said the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy were notified of Ferdinand’s arrest.

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