Matos files FEC complaint against Regunberg due to family-funded PAC

Sabina Matos and Aaron Regunberg. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Sabina Matos’ campaign for the 1st Congressional District seat has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against a Super PAC funded by Aaron Regunberg’s family.

Campaign Manager Brexton Isaacs said that Progress Rhode Island, which is funded by Regunberg’s father-in-law and mother, has only made contribution’s to Regunberg’s campaign and claimed that the candidate had potentially illegally coordinated with the group.

The complaint accuses the Super PAC of violating the 48 hour filing requirement for disseminating money, has excessively fundraised for Regunberg, and has coordinated with the candidate’s campaign.

The complaint further claimed that Regunberg’s website had a “red box” hidden link that the Super PAC could use to guide it’s spending.

The “red box” on Regunberg’s website. (Team Sabina Media)

“Aaron Regunberg is getting himself in incredibly hot water by falsely claiming his campaign never had a ‘red box’ that signaled messaging and photos to his family’s Super PAC,” Isaacs said.

The complaint further accused the campaign of using a photo that was only publicly available in a flyer issued by Progress Rhode Island.

The image on the flyer. (Team Sabina Media)

Regunberg denied any connection between his campaign and the organization at Thursday night’s debate at Roger Williams University.

Matos is currently under investigation after several boards of canvassers accused her of forging signatures submitted by her campaign to be on the special election ballot.

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