Mayor Cianci’s personal and professional archives revealed

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — It was a walk down memory lane for some of those who knew Buddy Cianci. Wednesday a small group of family and friends had the chance to take a look at the archives made up of hundreds of boxes of his belongings.

A long time friend and employee of Cianci’s, who is also a city archivist, says so far he has spent 300 hours going through the belongings.

They gave a glimpse at Buddy’s personal and professional life from 1974 until the day he died.

5,000 hours of VHS tapes, 600,000 photos, and hundreds of boxes.

This is only 35% of what Buddy Cianci left behind.

“The other warehouse has 40 8×8 wooden crates of stuff and then there are 2 more garages full of stuff,” said Dr. Brad Turchetta, Chairman of Cianci Educational Foundation.

His nephew says he saved everything.

His favorite find is a big poster of Cianci holding up his pasta sauce.

“If you wanted to know how a mid sized American city was run, grew, thrived and what everyone called experienced a renaissance you look in these folders, you look in these boxes,” said Turchetta.

The archivist went through the belongings and said he has an advantage having worked with Cianci for so long, but he is learning new things about his old friend.

“These records show that he was a compulsive doodler even back in the days at Marquette University as a student he was doodling and he continued to do that in his administrations,” said Archivist, Paul Campbell of the Cianci Educational Foundation.

"I’m working down here, sometimes, most of the time alone and you almost get the presence that he’s sometimes looking over your shoulder,” adds Campbell.

They do not have a final destination for the archives yet, but say it was a long time dream of Buddy’s to have a library in his name.

The public does have one chance to view some of the archives this Thursday night at the Cianci Educational Foundation Scholarship presentation at the ‘Mile and a Quarter” restaurant.

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