Mayor Correia responds to Fall River recall election lawsuit

Just a week after Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia was recalled and re-elected in the same night, Correia is responding to a lawsuit filed by 10 people claiming that once he was recalled, the embattled mayor should have been out of the race.

On Thursday, the mayor responded to the lawsuit calling it a case of “sour grapes.”

The problem mentioned in the lawsuit is that around 60% of voters wanted Correia out of office, but with just 35% of the vote, Correia was able to walk away as the mayor of Fall River.

The lawsuit claims that because taxpayers wanted him out, he should not have been included in the second part of the ballot.

But Correia told ABC 6 that the people do want him in office, and he won the election fair and square.

“People can’t accept the results and unfortunately some of those recallers that don’t want to accept the results, after the fact, now want to inhibit the process and cost the taxpayers of Fall River even more money,” Correia said. “There are some that have personal agendas.”

Correia added that if there were any issues before the recall election, those behind the effort had plenty of time to make changes.

“If they had an issue with the rules they should’ve done something prior, not go through this whole election process then when they weren’t happy with the results, try and change it,” he said.

Correia is still fighting a federal fraud indictment for allegedly mishandling investors funds on his SnoOwl app.

Despite the legal battle, he said it’s had no effect on his ability to serve, and after the recall election, he’s confident citizens support him.

“It takes up zero time of my day to day business of being the mayor,” Correia said. “People don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to hear the actual results, including councilors, including school committee members.”

The mayor plans on running in the November election for another term.