Mayor Elorza discusses snow clean-up, status of school closings

By: Rebecca Turco


PROVIDENCE – Plows out in full force in Providence during Monday’s Winter Blast.

More than 100 trucks have been out plowing city streets.

Tow trucks have also been on-call, removing cars violating the city’s parking ban. As of Monday morning, more than 100 cars were towed, according to Mayor Jorge Elorza.

Elorza is meeting with department heads in the afternoon to determine whether schools should be cancelled Tuesday. That decision depends not just on how clear the roads are, but also how cold it is outside, according to Elorza.

Temperatures are supposed to be below freezing in the morning, so there is concern for walkers and kids waiting for the bus.

“We want to give as much notice to our parents so they can plan accordingly,” he explained. “And we want to base our decision on the best information that we have at the time.”

Some locals are concerned about the dropping temperatures and whether leftover snow will affect their commute.

“The road conditions are just as bad as walking,” explained Emery Page of Providence. “The only thing different is you’ve got four tires, you’ve got two legs.”

The parking ban is in effect until further notice.

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