Mayor Flanagan accused of gun intimidation

By Dana Griffin


FALL RIVER, MA- Accused of turning a “show-and-tell” into a threat, city councilman Jasiel Correia claims Mayor Will Flanagan tried to intimidate him for signing a petition to recall him as mayor of Fall River.

“The mayor actually took out his own firearm from his console, put it on the left side of his dashboard and said–I never leave my home without this,” said Jasiel Correia II.

Two men were also in the back seat- a local businessman and another city councilor.

Mayor Flanagan says Correia asked to see his gun because he was interested in getting a license to carry.

Mayor Will Flanagan said, “I have a slanted dashboard in my car. The firearm would have slid off even if you put it on there. The firearm never left my hip.”

Both men confirm this was the first time they had a meeting at midnight in the mayor’s car. But, both give conflicting versions of who initiated the meeting and why.

“He told me he was threatened by the recall group. So, if he did not tell me he was threatened by this group. We would have had no contact regarding it,” said Flanagan.

Correia says the mayor wanted him to lie and tell the media he was intimidated into signing the petition.

“I felt intimidated. Anytime you put yourself in a situation where you’re off guard, it’s late at night, you’re out numbered- three individuals against one- and now there’s a gun involved. It’s very obvious to see that it was a threatening environment.”

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