Mayor Fung’s press secretary resigns amid controversy

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – One week before the election Allan Fung’s press secretary resigned. He had to go after inappropriate tweets he posted as a college kid re-surfaced.

Andrew Augustus sent racist tweets and insulted women. Mayor Fung accepted his resignation and apology and says his campaign is now moving forward. But his opponents don’t think that’s good enough and they’re knocking his leadership.

Back to business as usual for Mayor Allan Fung the morning after his press secretary resigned because of offensive tweets he sent out years ago.

“Andrew and I had a heart to heart discussion about it last night. He offered his resignation, did the right thing and we’ll all move on. I know that’s not who he is today,” Mayor Fung said at a campaign event today.

From 2011 to 2014 Augustus tweeted several racist and misogynistic things while a student at Rhode Island College. Fung tells us Augustus was vetted but not all the way back to college.

“We vetted him just like his former employer WPRO and the City of Providence. When we took a look at his social media profile we didn’t go back 7 years to back when he was in college,” says Fung.

Six days out from the election, Fung’s opponents are using this to knock his leadership, or lack of.

Joe Trillo blasted Fung in a statement which reads in part, “Andrew Augustus’ hire is a perfect example of the type of manager Allan Fung is, a completely culturally tone–deaf and incompetent one.”

Governor Raimondo voicing similar concerns.

“What his press secretary, who was one of his most senior people, said and tweeted is totally unacceptable. I’m glad he resigned and I think it’s just a red flag about the mayor’s management,” says Governor Raimondo.

ABC 6 News asked Augustus if he wanted to explain the tweets on camera, he referred to a tweet he sent last night apologizing and saying dialogue like that isn’t appropriate and shouldn’t be tolerated.

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