Mayor Lombardi hurls accusations at Sec. of State Ralph Mollis

By: Dee DeQuattro


Twitter: @deedequattro

North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi is accusing Sec. of State Ralph Mollis, who running for Lt. Governor, of misrepresenting his leadership in the city when he was mayor.

In a joint press conference with Cumberland Mayor Dan McKee who is also running for Lt. Governor as a Democrat, Lombardi pointed to what he called a phantom sale of s city property for an alleged $1,160,000.

Lombardi says the property was never sold and in fact it houses a public works building. Lombardi alleged that the financial statement reflecting the sale of the property was prepared in 2006 by a Mollis campaign contributor. According to Lombardi, the property was in the works of being sold but when Lombardi got into office he canceled the sale. He said that although the property was not already sold the financial statement for 2006 reflected the sale, thus Mollis claimed a small surplus in 2006.

Lombardi said the accounting irregularity was corrected by a new accounting firm in 2007, after the claim was made.

Lombardi also said Mollis was incorrect when he said he left police pensions 92% funded. Based on Lombardi’s documents the pensions were 67% funded when Mollis left office.

Lombardi also said that Mollis lied when he claimed he improved the town’s bond rating while in office and said the rating actually dropped from Baa to Baa3.

“In watching Mr. Mollis in a televised debate this weekend, I was appalled at his abuse of the truth.  I could not in good conscience allow these falsehoods to stand, especially since voters should be allowed to make their choice for Lieutenant Governor based on facts rather than fiction,” said Lombardi.

Lombardi is supporting Dan Mckee in next week’s Democratic primary.

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